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If you are you looking for a foreign casino you are in the right place! Playing casino games is not only exciting but also exposes the skill sets of the players. Though the charm of brick-wall casinos was high, there were some restrictions on the players as well as the gaming varieties. Such features have compelled the players to show less interest and the concept of casino games was showing a downward trend until the emergence of online casinos that can be played through the web world. A good computer, tablet or mobile phone with a high speed internet connection is enough to play games in foreign casinos. This is also referred as online casinos as anyone can play these online casinos from anywhere in the world.

This article is intended to give some insights about the foreign casinos which include their licenses, deposit and withdrawal methods, popular casino game creators, merits and demerits of foreign casinos and responsible gambling plans and so on. After reading this article, one is sure to know some of the intricacies involved in these foreign casinos. Just go ahead to know what foreign casinos are all about.

Foreign Casino licenses

In many countries these said foreign casino services are linked with sports betting, poker and bingo, most of the online casino service providers should obtain license from the local and appropriate authorities. Without proper license, these operators find it hard to operate online gaming platform as they were unable to open bank account and even promote any games in their websites. Let us read further to know more about some of licenses issues in various countries.

Malta Gaming License

According to most gambling experts, the Malta gaming license has been known to be the industry gold standard for many years. Although it has been widely accepted around the world, and still is, a lot of countries are implementing their own gaming licensing making the Malta gaming license obsolete in some countries.

The basic requirements to obtain the Malta gaming license include, opening of bank account, maintaining financial statements, providing personal data of the players, creating policy on Responsible Gaming plan etc.

The authorities provide two types of licenses namely B2B and B2C for a period of five years.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission

Perhaps, this is known to be the largest gaming authorities in the world. To get this unique license, business owners need provide business plan, proof for financial stability, no objection certificate from criminal offense etc.

Also, the operators need to pay a gaming duty which varies from 20% to 50% of the gross income.

Estonia remote gaming license

Gambling business has started in Estonia in 90s and was regulated by the Lottery Act and the Gambling Act from 1995. One has to obtain license with the assistance of a legal service provider.

A few consulting companies which know the intricacies of the gaming licensing are to be contacted by the business operators. The period of license varies from five to ten years.

Curacao gambling license

One can get this license on a fast track and the aspect of zero percent tax seems to be the real USP of this license. Here the operator needs to place the server in the Curacao territory.

Deposit methods at foreign casinos

When it comes to deposit methods followed in foreign casinos vary from country to country. It is legal to deposit money at your favorite casinos which has the valid license from the concerned authorities. One has to choose the right method which is easily available and faster with money transfer.

Credit or Debit Card Payment

The aspect of accessibility is the prime advantage when using this method as these cards are widely used around the world. However, some of the banks do not accept cards for online gambling payments. The discretion of accepting or rejecting is determined by the policies of the banks governing online gambling transactions

Bank wire transfer

Considered to be a more secured method and is operated with KYC procedures to avoid possible money laundering. Of course, there will be a delay to complete the transaction as KYC formalities often consume time.


With the growing popularity of the Cryptocurrencies, more and more foreign casino portals have adopted using crypto as a payment method. The feature of very high and guaranteed security system which attracts Bitcoin and other related crypto currencies to pay in many reputed online casino portals.

Withdrawal methods at a Foreign Casino

Undoubtedly, online casino banking is an important element while choosing the foreign casino portals. Every player need to know the various withdrawal methods available to him and how long it takes to cash out the winning money.

The aspect of withdrawal fee or free withdrawal is not a matter of concern. It is mandatory for the players to know all the methods before choosing the right one.


This is one of the popular methods that can be used for withdrawing the money from the online gaming casinos. However, the aspect of transaction fee which is generally neutralized by the loyalty programs offered by the e-wallet service providers.


Presently, PayPal has been ranked as the most preferred method as it has a very large network across the globe.

In addition to the above referred methods, there are many methods available for the online casino players. They need to choose the right one after consulting the senior players or by reading the reviews on the web world. Among many methods the debit card withdrawal and crypto cash outs are preferred y the players.

Choosing the right foreign casino

The Internet offers a large number of online casino portals to the players. It is the responsibility of the player to pick the right online casino so that he gets the right gaming experience as well as gets the return for his investments made through the payments to the gaming operators. Some of the key factors one has to look into while choosing these gaming portals, which are listed below:

  • Reputation of the portal. This is an important aspect a player needs to consider before betting his money. Reviews can help in choosing the reputed portals as the rating s are given by the experts from the gambling industry.
  • Safety. A player has to consider the safety factor while choosing the portals as there are innumerable spam gaming sites operate on the web world.

Game Providers at a Foreign Casino

Thanks to the advanced technologies which have brought several players or game creators into the online gaming industry. Though there are innumerable players in the fray, we discuss here about a few of them who are globally known and who assist several foreign casinos and their websites. Let us know more about these game creators. They are not listed here on any sort of promotion and importance.


The most Popular Games

Want to know more about what’s the most hotest at foreign casinos at the moment? Then go check out our guide to the most popular games right now!


Known to be one of the leading digital entertainment creators by offering innumerable and premium gaming solution to the most successful foreign casino operators around the world. Through its cutting-edge platforms, NetEnt is a great pioneer in influencing the market with stunning games. The firm is well known for delivering flexible digital casino games and solutions and makes their clients well ahead of the competition.

Evolution Gaming

Being a global leader in developing several gaming platforms, Evolution Gaming has a wide range and impressive list of clients in its fold. The firm delivers trustworthy games through turnkey gaming system. The company believes in true partnership and hence established tie-ups with the leading online casino operators. It provides games which are easy to install and provide a unparalleled customer support to all its clients from all parts of the world.


Being an award-winner, Microgaming is well known for creating top-notch online gaming solutions. Its jackpot network is considered to be the largest in the world. The firm care about its clients as well as the players of all kinds. Besides offering several gaming solutions, the firm has a mission to offer its clients and players an unbeatable value addition for everyone

Merits of foreign casinos

Undoubtedly, playing foreign casinos through online platforms forms an exciting entertainment to the players as they can play their favorite games from the comforts of their homes and even during their travel times. Thanks to the advanced technologies, foreign casinos have evolved into amazing online platforms for new players as well as professional online games. Let us see the merits of playing these wonderful foreign casinos. The main advantages of these casinos are listed here:

  • Convenience. The aspect of convenience is the real advantage of playing foreign casinos as these online casinos operate all the time and can be played from anywhere. A player can gamble from the comfort of his home and can also play his favorite game at any time. As these online casinos are mobile friendly, it can be played while on the go.
  • Wide choice and other benefits. Technology provides these casinos wide range of games for the players than the traditional casinos. Also one need not interact with people while playing these games and a player is assured of privacy. More importantly, new players have the opportunity to play the games as most of these casinos provide no deposit plans for the players.

Demerits of foreign casinos

Though playing foreign casinos through web world has tons of benefits, they also carry some demerits. These casino websites also have some flip sides and let us know some of the demerits of these casinos.

  • Lack of Socialization. When it comes to traditional casino games, the aspect of socialization seems to be the real key in winning the games with others. This spirit is totally devoid while playing online casinos as these platforms never provide any opportunity for personal interaction with other players as in the brick-wall casinos.
  • Might carry higher risk. Foreign casinos allow players to gamble on a budget set by the players. Since some casinos compel players to deposit some amount, there is always a greater risk for the players to bet more than they can afford to lose. This is a bane for the new players. It is always easier to get carried away while playing these foreign casinos.
  • Spam sites. Since there are innumerable spam gaming sites operate on the web world, players always carry some element of risk and hence need to be cautious in their efforts.
    Spam sites use all sorts of efforts to attract players with many false promises. Reading reviews is a good option to prevent such menaces as these reviews are written by gaming experts.

Responsible gambling plan and policies

Since most foreign casinos operate in the most ethical way, many of these casino sites follow some code of conducts and even conduct programs like Responsible Gambling Week at regular intervals so as to create awareness.

In this program, more conversations are made about gambling practices and how a safe gambling can be done by the players around the world. Most of the foreign casinos stick to these rules and conduct organized programs for the players.

Safe gambling denotes how the players can gamble without risk of harming themselves and others. Most of these programs on safe gambling discuss some critical pointers which are shared below:

  • Players to spend money what they can afford
  • One has to set limits for time, money
  • Gambling is not the solution for any problems
  • Player never gamble while in bad moods
  • Gambling should not interfere in personal relationship.

Some of the popular responsible gambling programs are GameCare, Big Deal and so on. People who have become addicts to online casinos can take help from these programs and seek some valuable remedies to overcome such issues including depression, anxiety high stress levels and many more.

Bottom Line

That being discussed a few interesting facts about the foreign casinos, it can be concluded here that these online casinos continue to grow as many of the leading online platforms have started dedicated casino divisions in their websites. With advanced technologies, players can also consult experts for guidance to have and enjoy a different online casino experience. Most of the casinos use quality firewalls to provide perfect safety and security to the players as well as the casino operators.

Undoubtedly, there is a great deal of technology behind the successful operations of foreign casinos. Every aspect of the online games is well synchronized to deliver an amazing and safe foreign casino gaming experience.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Foreign Casinos

Is it legal to play at a foreign casino?

The short answer is yes, it is completely legal to play at a foreign casino! The casino has to meet certain requirements though, not to break the law themselves. You as a player does not break Swedish law.

How do you deposit money on a foreign casino?

Foreign casinos offer a lot of different deposit methods, including card payments and crypto. Pay’n’Play and instant banking are among the most popular deposit methods at foreign casinos!


Deposit methods at Foreign Casinos

#1. Pay’n’Play & Instant Banking

Pay’n’Play & Instant Banking is still the most popular methods when it comes to deposits at foreign casinos!

#2. Card Payments

Card payments never goes old on the internet and online casinos. Pay quick and safe with your deposit or credit card!

#3. Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies is the future of payments and of course there is casinos accepting both Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and more!


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